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Atari Flashback X input/audio lag fix


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I am very disappointed with the experience of playing AFBX.
the joysticks are beautiful, the UI, and the console too. but it's just that, perfumery.

The UX is unplayable in my opinion. Input lag turns what should be a nostalgic experience into frustration. There is a clear and obvious delay in the response of the controls and this occurs EVEN IN THE MENU! The audio lag is also so evident that it's unbearable in games I've played thousands of hours, like Frostbite.

is there any way to fix this via firmware or homebrew (like nexus)?
or is it a product development error and has no solution?
if i use an original atari joystick will the input lag decrease?

honestly, should have mounted a raspberrypi with stella and usb joysticks. input lag would be imperceptible.
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