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What's a /// and ///+ worth in trade?


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I've always admired the /// until I learned enough about computers and learned how the market worked. Then it suddenly became so-so. And the II kept coming out with more and more peripherals, like a 10MB HDD, and Pro-DOS, and interesting internal modems like the Apple-Cat II. Mockingboards and clock cards. Memory cards and DHGR on the //e and MouseText. So many add-ons and enhancements that were actually used too.


I wanted one as a kid, of course. And all my memories of it were generated vicariously through Apple literature like the Apple-In-Depth catalogs. But as time moved into the mid-80's I lost interest in it. I figured it was a machine that passed me by, or I passed by it. I wouldn't get one till the early ebay days when they moved for like $50.


Today I wonder about gutting one or two (as the platform is useless) to build a 3-point emulation rig. SFFPC i9, MiSTer DE10 nano, and R-Pi. The case is big. I can replace the keyboard with modern a modern PC part. And the slanted faceplate would make for custom control panel with knobs and buttons and blinken lites.


I thought of doing the same thing with an IMSAI or Altair too. Even those bulky-ass, otherwise useless, TRS-80 Model IIIs. All for the same reasons. Spaciousness, vintage appeal. Something different because I can.


So far all have remained thought exercises when it comes to a 3-in-1. And that's just fine by me. One day one certain look and configuration will inspire me to pluck down $2000 and do it.

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I think the biggest appeal to them yet is that not enough is known about them than no-one has written an emulator for them yet.  To have a big and bulky machine to move around when one moves is kind of a hindrance to owning one.  But would at least be nice to be able to program on an emulator of one.

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