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Black Listed?


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Just found this.  How can you admit something is black listed and legally or morally sell it?  Doesn't black listed mean it was stolen?  And nobody would every buy it knowing it was black listed.  What purpose would it have it you bought it? You can't use if its black listed.  So its a paperweight basically.

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I agree with you, that it is unethical, if it was stolen. I have no idea if that is what blacklisted means or if that's the only reason a device could be blacklisted. Still, the concerns about not being able to use the unit are irrelevant. The seller clearly described the unit as blacklisted and for parts. It's not being described as, or sold as, a unit that could actually be used. If someone buys it expecting to be able to register and use the device, then they obviously didn't ask enough questions or do enough research.


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12 hours ago, 0078265317 said:

Of course he stated so.  But what spare parts?  Who would buy something knowing its can't be used?  What parts can be taken from that other than power supply?  They aren't even that easy to take apart are they?


There's projects you can do with it, apparently. A friend drop a kindle and broke the screen, talked to amazon to get it fixed, they send a new one with no charge instead and they didn't ask to return it, Could be this case? or someone pick it from the trash and take it to the pawn shop?

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