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Old crt monitor for text display?

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one of my favorite movies growing up was war games. 

ive read in the movie, the monitor david uses in his room was an electrohome 17” black and white monitor. 

im kind of looking to get something similar. I really love the monitor in the movie. And have always been fascinated by early computers. Terminals cursors command lines scrolling and teletype and the like. 

ive bought a couple of crt displays for retro gaming. I also have an atari 800, an ti99/4a and a mac se. 

but id love to buy a crt but it gets overwhelming looking on ebay. 

but im kind of after something specefic. I dont want the green phospher or amber display there nice but i really want a monitor close to the one in war games. 

i like the build quality. I definatly dont want a more modern plastic shell computer monitor. I think i want an older steel to me anyway better build quality crt for retro command line computing in black and white? 

Any thoughts or ideas?

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Color monitors display in black and white when connected to a monochrome signal, and most older color monitors will have a setting to kill color anyways. If you want a metal monitor, the only thing that comes to mind is Sony PVM stuff. I believe there are monochrome PVMs too if you can find one. 

You really won’t find a place that just regularly sells this type of stuff. Your best bet is looking around eBay, Craigslist, or even local flea markets and garage sales until you eventually run across one. 

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In 2022 there really isn't much to talk about regarding this subject. If you want a truly vintage monitor (ie from early Eighties or earlier) then you either pay through the nose on ebay or patiently wait for a cheap find on classifieds. The latter is an increasingly unlikely option, since most people by now have wised up to the fact they're hot property.


Then most of the time there's also the added gamble of "will it survive the shipping"?

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VGA is currently e-waste that you can't throw away without paying a fee.  Times are changing quickly and that probably won't be the case 5 years from now.  Back in November I found out how difficult it is to find a RGB/TTL (CGA) monitor.

A barely working 1084S is usually a guaranteed $250 on eBay.  A nice one with a new flyback, HOT, power switch and chroma mod can set you back $500+. 


I got lucky and found a Magnavox 1CM135 locally (holy grail of the 1084S/CM8833 line).  Even though it was a low hour unit, the flyback did fail 2 weeks ago.  Flyback has become unobtainium and I had to have a new one shipped from Ireland for about $65.  Worth every penny and happy to have it running like new again.

I have to laugh at various forum posts from around 2015 where so many people say to throw away the monitor and find another because it's not worth the $30 cost of a new flyback.  

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