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UltraSatan not found by any ST

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Hey all!


I have an UltraSatan v1.1 that is not detected by any Atari ST that I connect it to. It has been working fine since 2017.


What happens:

 - Running the configuration software just lists 0 through 7 and then reports that the US was not found.

 - Using the same power/cables/SD I can access a different UltraSatan without issues.

 - When powered up the LEDs for each slot blink, as expected

 - When an SD card is inserted, the LED blinks, as expected


What I've tried:

 - Tested on multiple Atari ST's

 - Swapped out cables, SD card and power supply

 - Shorting out J2 to boot from the base firmware

 - Swapped out the coin battery

 - Reflow solder on the IDC connector pins on the US


So, at this point I'm looking at an interface issue on the US itself... A buffer chip or something similar. I would like to get debug data from the UART port, but I don't have a pinout for J1, which is where the UART and JTAG connection should be, but I could be wrong.


Does anyone have the pinout for the UltraSatan connectors?


Any suggestions on where I should start troubleshooting?


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On 3/4/2022 at 2:29 AM, ben42 said:

If you're looking for UltraSatan connectors pinout, you may want to look at the following resources:


UltraSatan board definition (schematic and eagle files) is available at the end of http://joo.kie.sk/?page_id=255 page. Look for "UltraSatan hardware (2009-12-09)"

I've been looking at these, but they don't match the board that was purchased from @lotharek. I'm working on a v1.1 board which closely resembles my own working v1.2 board.

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1 hour ago, Calab said:

A small update...


I just noticed that when I have the dead US connected to me STe and powered on, my floppy drive does not work. If I power off the US, the floppy works fine.

...and, now the floppy drive works find with the powered up US with no changes.


Just a stroke of bad luck I guess. It would have been a lot easier to troubleshoot if it was a faulty data line.


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