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Bally Arcade Removable AC Adapter Port Possible?


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I recently saw a mod done on the 3DO game console that removed the hard wired power cord and replaced it with a standard double barrel power port. 

I was wondering if a similar power cord mod could be done on the Bally. This way you don't need to carry the ac adapter brick plug around when you move or disassemble the system. Of course the RF cable will still be attached on the back but I was planning on doing a insertable S-Video or YUV component mod anyway. 

Let me know what you all think. Thanks everyone!

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A standard double power port, no. Because the Bally has a unique PSU with 4 lines, not 2, that plug into the Bally motherboard. However, an external plug to unplug the Bally power brick can be attached to the Bally as long as the 4 wires internally (basically cut off the end of the PSU cable that is on the inside of the Bally/Astrocade case, connecting those 4 wires (either Black, red, white and green or black, red, white and yellow) to the interior side of the plug connector (which must have at least 4 connections) that you plan to mount to the Bally/Astrocade case. Then on the rest of the Bally/Astrocade PSU cable you connect the plug with 4 or connections to the same pins on the plug you are using with the connector.


Though I obtained a working Bally PSU, I was originally intending to build my own PSU for the Bally which is detailed in my Bally restoration blog linked below. If you scroll down the blog about half-way, just beyond the controller disassembly part and installing new capacitors, you will see how I was going to use an Xbox 360 PSU brick case for my DIY PSU, and the connector and plug from it as a new PSU connector port to plug in the new PSU on my Bally. The 360 connector and plug have, IIRC, 6 or more pins, plenty to hook up the four Bally wires and use the extras as extra ground or leave them unused.


Of course there may be some other plug and port connector combo that has at least 4 pins but are much smaller than the 360 plug I was going to use. It was there and qualified at the time, hence the decision to use it. Maybe something like a PS/2 keyboard/mouse plug and connector port. the same size as an S-video plug, but you can't plug one into the other by mistake. Ignore the picture of the Coco computer in the link below, I don't get a separate picture for every blog I have...



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