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Hi all,


I often find myself wanting to "bookmark" a game. I'd be watching one the numerous "1001 atari games you must play before you die" videos on the web, playing some of them and thinking, "yes, that was a good one". So I'd wish to keep track of these, but my OCD doesn't let me modify the directory structure. Is there a way to address this? Of course, a new function "add to favourites" would be fantastic, but until then, would hard or soft links, or anything of the kind, be possible?

@batari, if you don't mind sharing your view, what do you think?

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On 3/7/2022 at 10:27 AM, fakecortex said:

Since the files are so small, how do you feel about having duplicates? I have fav and season folders on my card in addition to the alphabetical folders. 

I agree, I bet you can copy every 2600 game ever written 100 times over to even a smaller card and have plenty of space to spare.


While "favorites" may not likely be a thing, eventually the Harmony will allow for a return to menu from the game and boot to the last menu position.


While writing to the SD card itself is not a good idea, the Harmony can write to its own non-volatile memory, but what may end up being done instead is the Savekey/AtariVOX could be leveraged to allow for things like saving the menu position and storing certain user preferences.

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1 hour ago, batari said:

eventually the Harmony will allow for a return to menu from the game

Oh, like that first switch on the left side of the console. Hahaha but yeah, if you have nested folders or long lists, getting back to where you were can be a hassle. The NES everdrive allows you to boot the last game played; it’s a pretty cool feature. 

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