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Background image not convering entire screen

Maximo Virgolini

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Hello, I just start porgraming for atari jaguar using jagstudio, in c, currently i just want to display an image, this is the code


this is the rapinit.s code


	dc.l	1								; (REPEAT COUNTER) 				; Create this many objects of this type (or 1 for a single object)
	dc.l	is_active						; sprite_active					; sprite active flag
	dc.w	0,0							; sprite_x						; 16.16 x value to position at
	dc.w	0,0							; sprite_y						; 16.16 y value to position at
	dc.w	0,0								; sprite_xadd					; 16.16 x addition for sprite movement
	dc.w	0,0								; sprite_yadd					; 16.16 y addition for sprite movement
	dc.l	320								; sprite_width					; width of sprite (in pixels)
	dc.l	200								; sprite_height					; height of sprite (in pixels)
	dc.l	is_normal						; sprite_flip					; flag for mirroring data left<>right
	dc.l	0								; sprite_coffx					; x offset from center for collision box center
	dc.l	0								; sprite_coffy					; y offset from center for collision box center	
	dc.l	32/2							; sprite_hbox					; width of collision box
	dc.l	5/2								; sprite_vbox					; height of collision box
	dc.l	back5						; sprite_gfxbase				; start of bitmap data
	dc.l	16								; (BIT DEPTH)					; bitmap depth (1/2/4/8/16/24)
	dc.l	is_RGB							; (CRY/RGB)						; bitmap GFX type
	dc.l	is_trans						; (TRANSPARENCY)				; bitmap TRANS flag
	dc.l	320*200*2							; sprite_framesz				; size per frame in bytes of sprite data
	dc.l	320*2							; sprite_bytewid				; width in bytes of one line of sprite data
	dc.l	0								; sprite_animspd				; frame delay between animation changes
	dc.l	0								; sprite_maxframe				; number of frames in animation chain
	dc.l	ani_rept						; sprite_animloop				; repeat or play once
	dc.l	edge_ignore						; sprite_wrap					; wrap on screen exit, or remove
	dc.l	spr_inf							; sprite_timer					; frames sprite is active for (or spr_inf)
	dc.l	spr_linear						; sprite_track					; use 16.16 xadd/yadd or point to 16.16 x/y table
	dc.l	0								; sprite_tracktop				; pointer to loop point in track table (if used)
	dc.l	spr_unscale						; sprite_scaled					; flag for scaleable object
	dc.l	%00100000						; sprite_scale_x				; x scale factor (if scaled)
	dc.l	%00100000						; sprite_scale_y				; y scale factor (if scaled)
	dc.l	-1								; sprite_was_hit				; initially flagged as not hit
	dc.l	0								; sprite_CLUT					; no_CLUT (8/16/24 bit) or CLUT (1/2/4 bit)
	dc.l	can_hit							; sprite_colchk					; if sprite can collide with another
	dc.l	cd_keep							; sprite_remhit					; flag to remove (or keep) on collision
	dc.l	single							; sprite_bboxlink				; single for normal bounding box, else pointer to table
	dc.l	1								; sprite_hitpoint				; Hitpoints before death
	dc.l	2								; sprite_damage					; Hitpoints deducted from target
	dc.l	320*2							; sprite_gwidth					; GFX width (of data)	


background is bmp image 16 bits depth, 320 x 200

virtual jaguar output this image




I assume that i need to tweak  spr_unscale values, is that so?

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Try 352x240 pixel background image...clearly your image is displayed correctly, it just doesn't cover the entire screen.


BTW I would have assumed a 320x240 screen but it does seem JagStudio is closer to 352x240 by default.


@CyranoJCyranoJ can we adjust the display resolution?  Is something like 640x480 possible?  I know the Jag has programmable video modes, just not sure how much of this is exposed.

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