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StarMaster (to be?)


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OK, I suppose I HAVE to try to finish this now, I've got so much done.  It's playable, but incomplete / unfinished.  And it's going to be really tough to get all of it in there.  Still missing (visible) lasers, meteors, and explosions, otherwise working (I think).


I'm playing with a hyperwarp effect, I don't know if I like it or not.  Opinions wanted on that, and if any major bugs / issues are found.



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Looking good, maybe make the targetting reticule a little smaller. And fix the bum last note :)


Warp mode always gets portrayed by streaks coming away from the centre, gives that speed effect. Could do with a few of those at some point.


Otherwise. looking nice, not sure what is going on with the star map but it is very early days and maybe a placeholder.


Nice one.. As always, I'm not familiar with the 2600 game..



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I agree, one of my favorites from the short time between finally owning a 2600 during the crash, and upgrading to an 8-bit Atari in '85. This game and Imagitec's Star Voyager were both great and could hold their own if not better than the 2600 Star Raiders port (though I love using the keypad and that added depth). But obviously the developer/publishers knew they couldn't beat Atari 8-bit Star Raiders, or the 5200 version later, so they never bothered to port these games. But I'd love either of both as another alternative, if the graphics are touched up a bit (haven't seen the game file posted yet).


In the meantime, I still have my 2600 and 7800 and the Dragonfly to play these games and other greats like Solaris on my 7800.

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StarMaster is one of my all-time favorite 2600 games!  I usually call it a tie between StarMaster and Adventure.  (Although lately I've been playing more Phaser Patrol...) Anyway, this looks like a great port so far!  Maybe a little work to do yet, but very nice!

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I think some people are confused on the controls, but it's like the 2600 version.  SELECT to select game level (it will show map screen) then press START, or just press START alone to start on easiest level.  During game, OPTION shows/hides map screen.  To navigate map, use joystick to move to location, then FIRE to hyperwarp there.


The manual explains it all, what the letters and colors mean, etc...  It's here:




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3 hours ago, Heaven/TQA said:

Star Master was great, had it on cart… same with Tank Commander ;)


btw ever looked into the Battlezone 2600 version?

I've looked at Battlezone, but it's an 8K game with bankswitching, and I haven't gotten that ambitious yet...  But a disassembly is available, so who knows...

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