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Popeye X Donkey Kong

Cousin Vinnie

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13 hours ago, Karl G said:

It's actually a dream of mine to merge two popular arcade games in a way that is actually fun. I'm still trying to figure out a combo that would work. :D

I always enjoyed this one,  "Crash Time Plumber", elements of Donkey Kong, Popeye with cameos from Pitfall, Pengo and others:


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Well i think that if nintendo did got the rights to popeye then mario would,ve come later on anyway,because eventually those rights would,ve expire soon or later on so nintendo did had to come with an inspirated replacement for it and so mario would,ve be born anyway,

also what if those first 3000 radar scope did sold out and another 3000 were ordered? Maybe those second 3000 did not sold well and so maybe nintendo would,ve still had to turn them into popeye or donkeykong cabinets(depending on the outcome of loan rights,

but it could,ve also happened this way,

what if nintendo ordered 3000 sherrif cabinets in 1979 but only 1000 of it were sold or they did all sold out but those second 3000 batches of sherrif cabinets did not sold well enough, then nintendo still had to convert them into popeye or donkeykong regardless the outcome of loan rights,so into conclusion,donkeykong or popeye could,ve appear in 1980,1981,1982,1983 oe 1984


(just imagine popeyeapoeared in 1981 and donkeykong appeared in 1982 thus the otherway around),


but i also do wonder what if donkeykong and popeye were not a success ,would it had still courage nintendo enter the game console market or would they had stopped altogether in the arcade and game console bizz?

it might,ve be that nintendo could,ve publish atari console in japan (like they did with the magnovox oddysey) or that they still would,ve come up with consoles with builtin (potentially arcade) games or they could,ve still decided to come up with their famicom along with their minor successful arcade games in japan such as radar scope,sherrif and wild gunman etc;,, maybe mariobros would,ve still come to fruition with the reason that they wanted to go to another direction after the unsuccessful donkeykong,so would the story be much different now;would the story happened much earlier or just later on?

we would probably never knowbut still?

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8 hours ago, gambler172 said:

Well...the original Donkey Kong can be hacked.

What characters would you like?

Brutus as Donkey?

Popeye as Mario?

Or whatelse?


In the article I suggest the characters retain their abilities- Mario jumps, Popeye punches, and you could choose between the characters at the beginning of the game. The game would use screens form Popeye AND Donkey Kong and end with the key stage of DK Jr. 

This is all crazy ramblings.


But a simple graphic hack of popeye on the DK game would be cool.

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