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GPUOBJECT w/o interrupt enabling


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From what I see, the interrupt is not latched.

I have a GPUOBJECT at the end of the screen (by using BRANCH objects) and clear the latch before releasing the OP. But the bit does not get set.

I will try other interrupts.

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Yes, I did hope to get rid of the 68k. I made an intro where I just check the bitmap address to know when it is done, but this does not work for reloading the OP list.

But a least it avoids flickering when I clear the screen for the next frame.

But I have an idea to use the interrupt without spending to much space.

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This is how I build a list to handle the GPUOBJECT

It only interrupts the GPU once per frame at the end of the display (VDE)

I run this with the 68k shut off.

p1..p8 addresses are phrases in memory


p1  --------
p2  -------- GPU Int Obj
p3  -------- STOP Obj
p4  -------- Br = VDE (to GPU Int)
p5  -------- Br < VDB (to Stop)
p6  -------- Br > VDE (to Stop)
p7  -------- Normal Bitmap (to Stop)
p8  --------


OP points to p4


It looks shifted down by a phrase,

this is so the bitmap object is on a double phrase alignment.

Branches can fall through to next phrase if branch not taken.

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Nice idea to jump 'backwards'. ;-) Nowhere is written that link needs always go forward.

But for the intro I run out of memory, so I did

P0 bitmap 

P2 branch VC < vde => P4

P3 GPU object 

P4 stop 

Since the OP stops on the GPU object, there is only one interrupt.








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