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Round 7 Food Fight


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This is good to know.  I've gotten lazy about reading instructions in the digital age!



Wallop Ten Chefs: You earn 100 points for the first chef, 200 points for the second chef, and so on, increasing 100 points per chef up to 1000 points for the tenth chef and above.


Force a Chef Into a Manhole: You earn 200 points per chef. Eat the Cone: You earn 500 points for the first cone, 1000 points for the second cone, and so on, increasing 500 points per cone up to a maximum of 25,000 points at level 50.


Leave the Leftovers on the Screen: You earn 100 bonus points per leftover.


Bonus Life: Charley earns an extra life at 25,000 points and every 100,000 points thereafter, and at every tenth game level if he begins the game at level 10 or above.


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147000. Definitely my best game yet. My strategy so far is to rack up as many points as possible to level 10, then just try to get to the ice cream as quickly as possible unless it’s a watermelon level. On a watermelon level I try to find a watermelon with a good angle on the most holes and just throw as much as I can until the ice cream is almost gone.




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1 hour ago, jgkspsx said:

Because some people on highscore.com are rather extreme about wanting video, I started recording, not expecting the game to go very well. Oops. It’s an embarrassing video but what can you do.



I love the TV you're playing this on!  I think you win just for that alone.

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