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Batocera on the Atari VCS?


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          I would like to boot Batoerca Linux on the Atari VCS 800 but I am getting a hit with Secure Boot wall block.  Is it possible to boot this on the Atari VCS 800?  I am a newbie on this platform so be kind. :)



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18 hours ago, lockar said:

 You wouldn't know what the password is?  It's asking for a password for me to go into Administrator Settings.

The password is posted elsewhere on this site,   it's something like "AtariCelebrates50years", but with weird capitalization and other characters thrown in.    There was also an older password with the word 'piano' in it,  but units should have been updated to the new one.


Some people have trouble with the new password,  and some have reported resolving it by downgrading the BIOS to a certain level which fixes the password.


Another option is to install something like Ubuntu which is secure-boot enabled, and installing Batocera or Emulation Station on that.

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 Thank you for taking the time to answer my dumb question.   Since I couldn't get any of the passwords to work on my Atari VCS and I even downgraded and yet no password worked only to be upgraded as soon as I turn on my VCS and use the Atari OS.  


    Conclusion, I just went and got a Mini-PC and gave my Atari to my roommate who is using it as a Windows Machine.. LOL


    Thanks again! :)



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Anyone having trouble with XBox games on the latest Batocera on the VCS800?  I was running 06/2023 and updated to 04/2024 through the GUI and my XBox games hang shortly after starting.  Curious if others ran into an issue?

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