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super pong c2607 chip pinout

Resto Ron

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Like the title reads, I am looking for the super pong 7639FK C0100073-01 C2607 chip pinout. If anyone knows the modern day equivalent chip part number that would be helpful incase I need to replace this one. I have seen posts where folks have made a regular pong on a breadboard using AY-3-8500 but the chip is different so that is a non-starter.





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2 hours ago, mutterminder said:

There is a schematic somewhere here in the forums that shows most of the pins.  I very much doubt, that there is any modern equivalent.  You're probably going to have to use old stock or chip pulls.

I have that schematic by Jerzy Sobola but the pin designations seem to be all over the place so I was hoping to find an official pinout print, guess I'm kind-a stuck for now.

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