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5200 OE HSC Challenge 04/2022 Space Dungeon


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In this 40th year of the 5200, lets keep the hits coming with Space Dungeon, since we all have our gear set up from last month. Play on defaults using at least one cx52, if running a pair of sticks. If you only have one, use anything and at least get a score in. Unlike previous round, this one doesn't lend itself well to 1 control. Use real 5200 systems. Only modern exceptions are flashcarts/SD loaders running original Roms. Pics preferred, but not required, except for HSC wins and records.

Round ends when month does.


Current HSC record, Bust it for a bonus point!


Space Dungeon -
(1 Player Version/Game)
(2 Controllers)
rubeon 945,735 BUSTED!

New- 1,467,460  rubeon


Final scores-


1,467,460  rubeon +1+11=12

138,325  jeremiahjt +10

73,455  DamonicFury +9


23,165  jetset +7

9,234  RangerG +6

5,010  zylon +5



Current standings- 


mark griff - 35

DamonicFury - 34

rubeon - 29

jetset - 24

zylon - 19

jeremiahjt - 16

RangerG - 14

Cafeman - 9


Space Dungeon.BIN

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First score of 127,390 using two CX-52 joysticks in the controller holder.  Much better than my score of 12,965 I finished with in the regular high score club last month.  I got so caught up playing Scrapyard Dog in the 7800 high score club that I never got around to improving my score.

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4 hours ago, DamonicFury said:

The one rubeon set in March: 1,331,000




Well, it's a new one here, and overall too. I'll send it along. :) Meanwhile, I thought I had another day yet, oops!

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April comes to a close with room-raider rubeon besting his own recent HSC record, and in OE fashion. ? Thanks to all who played, and make this possible. I thought I had another day, but will get us set up tonight. :)



Final scores-


1,467,460  rubeon +1+11=12

138,325  jeremiahjt +10

73,455  DamonicFury +9


23,165  jetset +7

9,234  RangerG +6

5,010  zylon +5

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