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Dig Dug 171 (5200)


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I've been combing over this prototype for Dig Dug but I'll be darned if I can see what's different.  This prototype dates two weeks earlier than the final release (185) and seems to have a bunch of different code, but as far as I can tell plays exactly the same.  It's possible that the code has just been shuffled around a bit or compressed so it looks much more different than it really is, but if someone wants to take a look I'd be very grateful.



Dig Dug 171.bin

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I may have found some differences.  This prototype has a few source code fragments at the end of the code and the demos seem different and not as 'smart' as in the final version.  For example in the level 3 demo Dig Dug immediately goes up and hits an enemy while in the final version he digs around for bit.  It's hard to tell for sure though as these demos seem a bit random.

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