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Tempest's Game Room (2022)


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I've decided to rearrange my game room once again to make room for my work computer given that I seem to be working from home more or less permanently now.  Over all I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.  Even though I actually added some more stuff, there seems to be more space.




My game room is in an unfinished basement so I've tried to cover the ugly concrete walls as much as possible.




Misc. Game Shelf, DECO Cassette Arcade Game, and Vectrex





2600 Games and DVDs





Apple IIe and Games (plus bonus work computer).  The Virtual Boy is just off camera to the right.





Main Computer





CoCo 3, Exidy Sorcerer, and C128D





Apple IIGS, Mac SE, Atari 800, Atari 2600, and MSX 2+





DOS and Windows PCs, Coleco ADAM, DC, G3 PowerPC Mac (under table), TI-99/4a, and TRS-80 Model 4





'Modern' Systems (no idea what that blue light blob is)





'Classic' Systems (hooked up to PVM)



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1 hour ago, Chris+++ said:


:o :o


What an astonishing collection. Great arrangement / decor, as well. Thanks for sharing!


Are the protos hiding somewhere in that first 2600 photo? :)



Thanks.  I've really tried to hide all the fact that this is really an unfinished basement.


No prototypes unfortunately.  I sold all of those many years ago.

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