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Best mouse option for either the IIe or IIc?


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As the title of this post states, I am looking for the best mouse option for both the IIe and IIc.


I need this mouse to draw screens in Graphics Magician. The keyboard is a horrible way to draw, and the Koala pad is way too expensive on eBay (when it’s available for sale).


I recently encountered a Japanese seller who has an adapter that allows you to use the classic Mac mouse,  m0100, on either the IIe or IIc. The price is right, but the shipping is terrible. I import games for the Nintendo Switch from Japan all the time, and the shipping costs are usually very reasonable. It seems like the seller is trying to make additional pocket money by overcharging on shipping. ? 


Any suggestions the good folk here can recommend on a mouse option would be greatly appreciated.

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First off, I'd skip looking to use it with the IIe, unless you want to also drop another $80 or so on a mouse card (on top of the cost of an Apple II mouse).


eBay seems to be littered with apple II mice available domestically. One seller has the //c branded mouse for $80, and has 12+ of them apparently. Seems like $60-$80 is the going rate for loose Apple II mice. 


The only thing you want to watch out for is that the earliest M0100s apparently don't play nice with the //c, Has something to do with the //c port being dual mouse/joystick. But supposedly somewhere along the way they tweaked them to work with the //c. So if you find the later platinum version of the mouse IIe, it should work with the //c.

Or if you want for the IIe, for $80 you can get a card that lets you plug in a standard serial mouse, that you can probably find very cheap.



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I've played with mouse stuff on the IIc.

Your not missing much.

The only non-apple stuff the mouse worked on was some of the later printer programs and I think some business programs.

Maybe a couple games used it, but I couldn't you tell which ones.


I'd take the money and put towards having multiple ways to use the software on the computers.

Like the CFFA or the Booti.

Having a smart floppy drive interface in a IIe lets you take advantage of nice features of a floppy EMU.


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