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Season 12 ~ Week 23 ~ Beat The Leaders 1


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On 4/14/2022 at 7:41 PM, jgkspsx said:
On 4/14/2022 at 7:14 PM, kermit73 said:

I only use them when I have 9 in the bank and cannot accumulate anymore.  I'd rather get the 500 points at the end of the game.

That was what I was thinking. I didn’t realize you could accumulate more - is it just by progressing or scoring points?

You earn an extra decoy any time you clear out both banks of control rods on the left/right side of the screen.


It turns out I remembered incorrectly from ~35 years ago and that you can accumulate more than 9.  The limit is probably 99, but I'm not going to play long enough to find out :P .  The same goes for reserve lives.


I did decide to go ahead and play until I actually hit rollage and beat the world record score on Twin Galaxies.  It may take a day or two before I get it posted there considering I have 6.5 hours of video to upload.  The final score was 1,034,016.




Something else I just noticed from the photos - it gave me two bonus lives at 1M (went from 13 to 15) rather than the usual one bonus life at 10k increments.  When replaying the video I also noticed it does not play the "bonus life" sound effect at 1M.


I stumbled upon another bug during this game.  Once, I got a particle to bounce around in the upper right of the screen even though the bonus chambers were on the bottom of the screen.


At some point, I'll post a video showing the rollage and this bug on my YouTube channel.

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Yep, I figured that out! It seems that alpha particles hitting the cooling rods or whatever it is supposed to be would be a bad thing, but what do I know, eh?


I will say… I couldn’t find my physical cartridge for this and I played this on the Concerto cartridge for the 7800. There is something up with my Concerto - the score jumps around in a weird way. I don’t think it affected gameplay, but who knows. It caused Smurf to break, but thankfully I have my real copy of that.

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