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Season 12 ~ Beat the Leader 2


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Week 24

Beat The Leaders 2

Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle

This weeks' Game is dedicated to Oyamafamily's aunt who passed away last Saturday.  Kasue Arasaki, who was 86 years old.

We honor her is week. 


 Smurfs: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle - Screenshot


 CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATOR! Vocelli


Smurfs: Rescue in Garamel’s Castle

Released By:  Coleco

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode: Default


Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else.

The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of  April 24, 2022


Beat The Leaders


For Players who are NOT in the Top 16 (17th Place and lower)

(Standings after Reactor)

Get +10 Bonus Points for finishing in the Top 16 this week!

Get +5 More for finishing Top 8!

+15 Bonus Points Total Possible


For Players in the Top 16  (Standings after Reactor)

Get +10 Bonus Points for finishing Top 4 this week

Get an extra +5 for finishing FIRST

+15 Bonus Points Total Possible


Smurf Scores

(Double Points This Week ~ 100pts for 1st, 98 for 2nd and so forth)


245300 - Evandro (+100) (+15)

130500 - Nads (+98) (+10)

130000 - OyamaFamily (+96) (+10)

107600 - JasonHRB (+94) (+10)

  64700 - LaurenTyler (+92) (+15)

  64600 - Keilbaca (+90) (+15)

  63500 - SkippyBCoyote (+88)

  52800 - AtariSphinx (+86)

  44800 - JasonAtari (+84)

  42900 - JGKspsx (+82)

  40600 - FakeCortex (+80) (+10)

  40200 - McCallister (+78) (+10)

  39400 - Absalon (+76)

  37000 - DomBradley (+74)

  35700 - MoisesTuseto (+72)(+10)

  30600 - ClassicGamer (+70)(+10)

  30600 - Atari_Warlord (+70)

  30000 - Kermit (+66)

  29700 - DrMooCowz (+64)

  29400 - AGB (+62)

  29200 - TheActivisionary (+60)

  27000 - Vocelli (+58)

  26800 - Mchetzel (+56)

  20400 - GBAG (+54)

  17100 - RGC (+52)

  16800 - Roadrunner (+50)

    9400 - Krytol (+48)


Overall Standings


 Possible Major League Competitors

1213     Kermit
1148     JasonHRB
1138     AtariSphinx
1128     SkippyBCoyote
1074     Nads
1005     Evandro
994     MarkGriff
988     Absalon
974     JGKspsx
969     JasonAtari
959     OyamaFamily
949     Dr Moocowz
942     Vocelli
876     DomBradley
832     Maloff
831     Atarian7



 Possible Minor League Competitors

822     Keilbaca
782     FakeCortex
772     TheActivisionary
765     LaurenTyler
743     Atari_Warlord
688     McCallister
662     Mchetzel
638     GBAG
633     MoisesTuseto
577     AGB
507     Deteacher
504     RGC
435     RaymanC
429     ClassicGamer
414     Roadrunner
397     CrazyClimber



 All The Rest of the Players

329     Krytol
326     RetroBreakout
221     CTelkin
210     Ed
174     DataFry
171     Lord Innit
141     JoeBradley
118     Diamonds
114     ZeroPageHomebrewJames
97     GType
89     Atariwarlord
86     JacobZu7Zu7
78     ArmscarCoder
77     Jblenkle
76     ZeroPageHomebrewTanya
70     AlNafuur
70     ThomasJentsch
50     Sramirez
48     Nester
41     ZilchSr
38     IsaiahAustin
38     RockPile
29     DevWebci
21     BetwixtThieves
19     ZeroPageHomebewDarcy
3     Capitain Classic




Season 12 will have:


Prepare for the NEW ‘3 Strikes Knockout Tourney’

Edited by Vocelli
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This is it.... The last game of Season 12!


Dates to know:

April 18 or 19 ~ Update on the Standings After Reactor

Next Week I will post info on the '3 Strikes Knockout Tourney'. 

April 24 ~ Last day to post for Smurfs

April 25 ~ I will Post Final Standings and I will start the process of picking the Games for Week 1 for the '3 Strikes Knockout Tourney' for both the Major League and Minor League.

The Players will be set and ready to go!

April 26-28 ~ I will Post the first Games played for the '3 Strikes Knockout Tourney'.

My 8 ~ First round of the '3 Strikes Knockout Tourney' ENDS... eliminating many players.

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Growing up I had the ColecoVision version of this game and it was one of my absolute favorites as a little kid, so I'm always happy to give the 2600 version a go! Unfortunately I'm a fair bit older now than the last time I played Smurf and my reflexes don't seem to be quite what they used to be, so I think there's pretty much zero chance of me beating my all time personal best high score of 150,100 points this round. I'll do my best though! :)


Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 63,500



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4 hours ago, oyamafamily said:

Congratulations to @Skippy B. Coyote on the best campaign on 2600 NEW HSC Season 12.

You are among the best players of this 2600 HSC Season, and will be part of Major League Competitors.


Aww, thanks Oyama! I'm pretty sure this will be the first season that I've played every single game in from beginning to end and I'm definitely hoping to take one of the top 3 spots in the three strikes tournament since it would be really cool to be able to pick one of the games we play next season! I don't know if I'm good enough to pull it off, but I'm sure gonna give it my best effort! :)


Also, my sincerest condolences on the passing of your aunt Kasue. Losing a family member is one of the worst things in the world so my heart goes out to you and your family. Stay strong my friend!

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1 hour ago, jgkspsx said:

. Full disclosure: I have had this game since 1998 and never figured out how to get past the first fence before :D 

First time playing it tonight myself.   The two games I lost all my lives on that first fence.    Interesting jump mechanic.   Finally got passed it but need more practice.

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I don geddit.





Man the difficulty really ramps up after the third loop! Smurfville really needs to institute better operational security.


EDIT: 28800 is my best score so far. I am getting the feel for it and can do the first three loops without issue, but after that it gets really dicey.


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3 hours ago, mark griff said:

I don't have this game anyone know I good download?

There's one here on AA: https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=444


And @classicgamer_27330, I had no idea that the music wasn't original, hahaha. I always thought it was good, lol.


I would play this a lot on CV, but the harder skills get frustrating. I also always thought it was a Colecovision exclusive. Doesn't play too bad on the 2600, tho I wish the big red button would jump. It does take some getting used to for sure.

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Wow, loop 4 really amps up the difficulty. And finishing 3 isn’t a walk in the park either. So far, each loop has its own rhythm to it, and it’s about finding it and remembering it. A level number would help with that, so I’m trying to make a mental note; at least the score is an indicator. I also didn’t lose a life until after 20k, which was cool to see 5 smurfs at the top. I was expecting to keep getting extra lives, but I didn’t after 10k ?


Smurf RiGC - 26,600 1b level 4


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