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39 years later, longtime history mystery for the Atari 2600 found


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8 hours ago, Schitti said:

This is interesting news. Congratulations on the great find. It is really amazing that until today no box has been found.

I'm even more amazed that it's an NTSC version. What does that mean?

Does a DC-I also exist in PAL and also a DC-II in NTSC?


Thanks for showing this piece. :thumbsup:

I agree there should be a ntsc bomb dc-2 and a pal bomb dc-1.

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1 hour ago, Captain_Combat said:

One thing I noticed on bomb dc-2 the wall defender circle is on top overlays great escape. The opposite is happening on bomb dc-1.

Yes, that's the order of the two titles: first title on top of the second one.

They are added to the database:


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On 4/28/2022 at 8:25 PM, Psionic said:

Wow...very cool find.  Do the cartridges actually work?  NTSC Bomb carts are frequently dead.

Z-tack works but I couldn't get assault working. Really fun game too. Both carts look brand new. And of course next to notorious e.t. sighting.








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