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Bloody Planet, Alien Breed inspired game


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13 hours ago, atari-passion said:

how many projects have been abandoned because people are too impatient or demanding of the author ?

There's also devs who don't like seeing mini fights over their game in a thread, you are being a little overly passionate about this, just do what 99% of us are doing, enjoying the fact that the game is coming and we have been allowed a very early look at it. It's way too early to be bothered about what you see or hear, the comment re the gun sound was simply a joke... Relax...

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Just picking up on this. I know Shanti and Odyn1ec are side trax-ed (see what I did there?! ;) ) with the very promising Chaos engine inspired Trax at present.


I happened to see a comment on Atarionline.pl just now where it was suggested their real focus was always Bloody planet. However in creating the Trax engine and being sidetracked on that for a while for last years ABBUC software compy, then deciding to make Trax into a fully fledged game (see here), understandably Bloody planet has been put on the back burner whilst Trax is their focus.


One of the comments on Atarionline.pl said Trax isn't going to have all the bells and whistles that is planned for Bloody planet. Give Trax is looking pretty amazing I really wonder what is in store for the A8 community when Bloody planet is resumed. :)


As a reminder the the latest video is here from last Spring:






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