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Food Fighter - a food-themed SHMUP for the Sega Master System


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This is a food-themed shoot-em-up for the Sega Master System, originally made for the SMSPower 2022 Competition. It is heavily inspired by MegaMania


Github Repo: https://github.com/haroldo-ok/food-fighter
Page on SMS Power:https://www.smspower.org/forums/18954-CodingCompetition2022FoodFighterByHaroldoop








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I kind of love it. The sprites look great, and I enjoy the MegaMania-style gameplay. I also like how you are attacking food for no good reason. ? 


The only thing I would do differently is not have the score/lives obscure the gameplay area. I think it would be better to sacrifice a little bit of vertical gameplay area to have the score be clearer and not cover-up the enemies, even if it meant using a small font.

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