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MIAUG First Official Meeting


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The Miami International Atari Users Group will be holding their FIRST OFFICIAL meeting on saturday September 13 at 1:00PM at The West-Dade Regional Library in Coral Way (we will be situated in the lobby) You can recgnize us by our official MIAUG T-Shirts (Gray w/ The MIAUG Logo in BLUE) so to all the fellow atarians in the FL-Miami-Ft. Lauderdale or more upper want to come down go ahead, to all of those that havent been informed by me or AtariDude. We encourage all of you to step forward and support your State Atatri User Group, MIAUG. If you wish to bring anything to the meeting you are welcome to do so, please PM AtariDude if you need directions or dont know how to get to the West-Dade Regional Library.


Hope To See You All


Take Care,




Bryan Garcia

Founder and President of MIAUG


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If your organization in city-based' date=' how are you international?[/quote']


Members come from different cultures and races so we are international


or born in different countries


Thanks for the response. let us all know how the first meeting goes. It sounds like a great idea. :)


Thank You, AtariDude (MIAUG's Vice President) will hopfully bring his digital camara to take pictures of this important event and I will make sure they get posted for people to enjoy!!

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Sorry, for that David!!


But yes David is our only International member, and we hope to see David in the December meeting of MIAUG


I also want to thank him for an honorable mention in the SCAT newsletter (Summer, 2003):


"MIAMI -- Bryan Garcia and Jose Olivera, Jr., have announced the creation of MIAUG, the Miami Atari Users' Group. MIAUG boasts more than eight members at the present time, and Garcia has distributed MIAUG shirts to all members -- for free! Garcia, a 16 year-old Atari enthusiast, states that he expects MIAUG to hold meetings monthly.


MIAUG is the first Atari-specific Users' group in Florida since a South Florida Atari Users' Group folded in the early '90s."


Thanks David for that mention

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We held our first meeting today along with Jose (AtariDude), Ben (benjam138), mother nature tried to stop the meeting with some help form the Metro Police by blocking the street leading to the Library. But yet we still succeded!! :D. On a side note Benjamin was nice enough to give us both shrink-wrapped Intelly Astrosmash QUOTE From Jose: "Need Intellivision NOW!". The promisies were kept Jose and Ben brought their Lynx QUOTE From Bryan: "I Want ONE!!". Its was a great meeting even though 2 members were not able to attend for X and Y reasons! But In the end it was all good and we had a fun time. We have agreed to hold one meeting every second saturday of the month and we have officially established our newsletter (look forward to it next month). Please check back to see the picture of the group of people that attended.


Thank You and Take Care


Bryan Garcia & Jose Olivera (standing next to me :D)

MIAUG - 2003

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Im still waiting on Jose!!

To Post it!!


But yes as said our next neeting will be the second saturday of next month!


Ben, if you would like to set another meeting place! you can go ahead and PM or write me addressing a particular location you would like us to meet.


Oddly enough I havent seen Eric (ATARIeric) either! But one of the other members was in the hospital that day so thats why he couldnt attend the meeting, But he is allright though.


So we are all set again for next month!!


Im thinking of asking the members if we should do Bi-monthly meetings?

(cant stand waiting a month for another one)

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Jose is busy with homework (Damn Mangerial Finance :x  )


As soon as he is able to finish it, he will go about posting the picture  :)


Thats the class where, Math rules the Airways!! Which means that you learn more about Math than of the subject that you are supossed to!! ISNT THAT NICE!


It was nice of Jose to REPLY!

Say Thank You Jose




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I will like to thank everyone who made this group get up to its feet I want to take a moment to thank all of you, from those who supported to those who helped me back in May when I got started its been a great cuple of months and hope to keep having the good success...


To all of those that one way or another collaborated to make my user group work I apprecciate all of those that where willing to give a hand to to all of those who want to help me in a near future


Thank You and Hope to see All our members soon!!



(more detail needed? visit MIAUG's website)


Thanks Again



Bryan Garcia

Founder/President of MIAUG

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