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Game like Gauntlet, but with no projectile weapons?


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Doing a bit of research on game mechanics, and I am wondering if anyone can think of an example of a "hack and slash" maze type game similar to Gauntlet, but without projectile weapons. So, it would be in realm of say "Golden Axe", but overhead rather than a side-scroller, using a "punch" or sword-type weapon, but without the ability to shoot a projectile. 

It can be an 8-bit game, arcade game, 16-bit or even more recent. 


Thanks very much in advance!

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19 minutes ago, Karl G said:

You're totally right. All that's left now is the code and the graphics. That's only two things! :D

You forgot sound. So technically the port is already 25% complete. Kinda got bored with it if someone else wants to finish it I am fine with that.

I expect credits on the splash screen and a bag of m&m's sans the brown ones. 

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