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5200 HSC Season 15 Round 9 - Montezuma’s Revenge

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Welcome to the ninth round of the 15th 5200 HSC season!  Montezuma’s Revenge beat Rescue on Fractalus by two votes.  Play using the default settings.  Emulation is fine, as are custom controls. Pics preferred, but not required except for HSC wins and records.


The high score was set by Northcoastgamer with a score of 1,306,100 points.  Beat this if you can for a bonus point!  (Good luck… that’s a monster score!)


The ROM and manual can be found here:




Round ends Sunday, May 15th, 2022 @9pm EST



jeremiahjt - 305,400

jblenkle - 79,150

roadrunner - 66,300 

rubeon - 24,200

bemis - 8,950

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Let us start this out with a score of 37,250.  I almost finished the first pyramid.  I did finish it on the continue for the first time though.  This score should get eclipsed by me, and others of course, very soon.


Edit: Finished the first pyramid with a score of 84,100.

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New score
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2 hours ago, jeremiahjt said:

New score of 85,900. I had six lives left, but I had a meeting a work I had to get too. So I turned off the game and went to the meeting, which was canceled. Awesome.

I got another chance and broke the 100,000 point barrier with 106,150.  I found the torch on the second pyramid after getting to the dark part of the pyramid.  I searched everywhere in the lighted part, so I am pretty sure I did not miss a torch in that area.  That is pretty tricky to have the torch hidden in the darkened section of the pyramid.

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New score of 123,300 ended with quite a few lives left because I used up too many blue keys.  I cheated and looked at the map.  I was having trouble figuring out the best route to get all the treasures on the first pyramid.  Since I used a map on the first pyramid I figured I would use it on the second too.  I did see that there was a torch before the dark area, but I did not count all the keys.  The blue door blocking the treasure room was my demise.

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My final score of the competition will be 305,400.  I was on the fourth pyramid.  Unfortunately I lost my last life by accidently moving on a rope while looking at the map.  Quite the fun game.  I never got as proficient with it as I did the 2600 version, but this one is much bigger.  Maybe I will try out the Master System one next.  Thanks to all the people that voted for this one, which gave me a good excuse to put some time into it.

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