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The unauthorized throw back zine

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Hello All

I’m *desperately* seeking for issue #45 of Michael Salzman’s Atari 2600 Throw Back Zine.

I have all the previous issues in paperback format and just miss the latest issue to complete my collection… too bad Michael announced that he stopped his publications and it seems that #45 is out of print.

Alternatively please send me a PM if you know how to contact Michael. So far I had no luck.

Of course I can pay a reasonable but good price for the missing mag.

thank you!!

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Wow... he was releasing these monthly and now he has to stop them?  Did he get in trouble for these from Atari or did he decide to stop doing these for other reasons?


I enjoyed them over the last couple of years.  Too bad.


At least he has the Patreon still and the score challenges etc.

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