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Intellivision HSC Season 16 - Game 16 - Pac-man (Season Finale - PART 1)

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[ Intellivision HSC Season 16 ]


( Game 16 )


Pac-Man - (Season Finale - PART 1)




Pac-man by Atarisoft 1983

The refinements of dot chomping lead to high scores as hungry Pac-Man avoids ambush by vicious goblins.




ROM Download Link




Game Manual Link - Click link below then go to 'Games' then 'Manuals' and scroll down for Pac-man




High Score Club Record

1,297,130 IntyFanMatt (SET NEW RECORD +3)


Game Setting




Game Objective

The object of the game is to eat all the dots and energy pills while avoiding the 4 ghostly goblins (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Stinky, also known as Clyde). Score as many points as you can.



Game Scoring

+13 [1st place], +12 [2nd place], +11 [3rd place], +9 [4th place] down to +1 pt for participation. +2 Game Winner Incentive. 


Extra Score Bonus: Get a score of 50,000 pts or more and earn +1 bonus point; Get a score of 100,000 pts or more and earn +2 bonus points; Get a score of 150,000 pts or more and earn +3 bonus points. Get a score of 200,000 pts or more and earn +4 bonus points; Get a score of 250,000 pts or more and earn +5 bonus points. Max-out Extra Score Bonus points earned is +5.  


Season Theme: Maze Craze and Critters. This game falls into both the 'Maze Craze' and 'Critters' categories.



Contest Ends









8,318,070 - IntyFanMatt [+5 Bonus Points][+13][+2 WINNER INCENTIVE][+3 SET NEW RECORD]

3,327,880 - CParsley [+5 Bonus Points][+12][+2 BROKE OLD RECORD]

   920,670 - Rickster8 [+5 Bonus Points][+11]


   179,230 - Player One [+3 Bonus Points][+9]

     62,960 - Lupovax [+1 Bonus Point][+8]

     46,380 - jimbrlargh [+7]

     38,530 - Wolfy62 [+6]      

     18,340 - fakecortex [+5]

     16,300 - Gar0u [+4]

       8,140 - jblenkle [+3]





Overall Rankings (POINTS)

After Lady Bug



247 - Rickster8

225 - CParsley

147 - Lupovax

144 - jimblargh

109 - Wolfy62

  79 - Fakecortex

  63 - IntyFanMatt

  52 - Crade

  46 - Gar0u

  41 - Popsicle

  37 - Player One

  20 - m-crew

  17 - patbb

  16 - Jblenkle

  14 - Mr_Me

  12 - Gavvv






Games Won


5 - Rickster8 - Night Stalker / TRON: Maze-A-Tron / Frog Bog / Safecracker / Vectron

4 - Mark Griff - Tutankham / Mouse Trap / Venture / Sewer Sam

4 - CParsley - Super Cobra / Congo Bongo / Lock 'N' Chase / Lady Bug

1 - IntyFanMatt - Shark! Shark!

1 - Popsicle - Buzz Bombers




Sneak Preview:

Worm Whomper - Season Finale - PART 2


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6 hours ago, Rickster8 said:

My 2nd Pac-Man Sortie was better - It comes back pretty fast after a long layoff.... ??



PAC-MAN - 1 PLAYER - 156,680 POINTS!!!




That's crazy...how???

More importantly, why can't I get a score like that??

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11 minutes ago, wolfy62 said:

That's crazy...how???

More importantly, why can't I get a score like that??


Lol, thanks, but wait until you see the bevy of YUGE scores Matt puts up.... ?






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Well, it's put up time or shut up it seems.... My chances of winning this season all but went out the window with not being able to compete in Vectron but if there is ANY chance I kind of got to run the table, so to speak.


I'll admit, I did not and never had exposure to intv pac man growing up, hence maybe my love of LNC, BT and Tarmin. However seeing a 1M plus HSC high score made me like, there has gotta be something to this... It took me a few days of non-stop playing resetting playing again before it dawned on me I was approaching this game ALL WRONG. Once that switch fell, well I had a chance...


I know this won't hold up but consider it my first salvo. Btw when I first saw the third intermission I was like that's cute but I don't remember that in the game, just to have that fancy dashed in the 4th intermission lol


Score 201,800






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My Pac-Man Update: Got my Pac-Man 'PB'...... ? Had to change my tactics a little in order to score higher.... ?



PAC-MAN - 1 PLAYER - 355,780 POINTS!!!





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Quick Pac-Man Update: ( Up to post #26 )



1,886,870 - IntyFanMatt [+5 Bonus Points] - NEW HSC RECORD

1,422,140 - CParsley [+5 Bonus Points] - BROKE OLD RECORD

   355,780 - Rickster8 [+5 Bonus Points]

     38,530 - Wolfy62  

     34,690 - Lupovax 

       8,140 - jblenkle


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