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Space Dungeon Level Messages


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Curious to confirm that beginning with the completion of level 11 (thru level 99) there are no further messages, correct?


I know that on completing level 10 the message reads "Sorry, no more rhymes" and I did get to level 12 once (I wrote this down a few years ago....yeah, I'm one of those).


Space Dungeon is a great game but a game I will never be great at.

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THE FIRST game to ultilize TWO controllers on a video game console hence that's why Atari included a dual controller holder in the larger packaging, Robotron : 2084 also included one, I still have one of mine, the other I had to sell (stupidly, along with my 2 2600/Sega Redemption units and one of my 7800 Redemption units as I needed the $$$). Nowadays folks can get them (the controller holders) either OEM on eBay or custom-done on a 3D printer (and the quality of them, is awesome nowadays, there are also ones for 7800 sticks as well in which I DO intend to get soon, those are available here:




As for the Redemption units I would love to call on our very own @Albert Albert Yarusso to put them out again so those of us who either had them (or missed out on them) from the first run from 20 years ago can get a second chance to get them. In the old days, he had to fashion his own outlet cords with solder-on PC DB15 plugs on them, nowadays you can simply use Neo Geo cords with plugs already on them just as easily, they are readily available everywhere so I don't see why @Albert can't reissue them, when they were out he had 3 different versions, they came for 2600/Sega controllers, 7800 (they operate differently than 2600/Sega sticks do), and PC controllers, respectively. BITD, they were made out of old recycled 5200 cartridge shells and were nicely done at that too. Nowadays you can make them on any 3D printer. AtariAge would make a fortune off of us with them, I'd be "GAME ON!" to get 2 of each again like I did 20 years ago if he did start remaking them. Make it happen!!! @batari Fred Quimby made Harmony/Harmony Encore (his 2600 multicart) and Concerto (his 7800 multicart) happen, look at the responses on them when they came out, in fact Concerto was the main reason and prime determining factor on why I once had a 7800 (thanks to @CPUWIZ) during my days of The Atari Report, so why not!!! :) 


Redemption 2.0 would be a hit!!!

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In lieu of the original dual controller holder that was packaged with Robotron and Space Dungeon years ago I asked my father (who is a woodworking craftsman) to rig me up something.  He borrowed one CX-52 and made this simple but sweet set-up.  It measures 16" by 10.5" and fits perfectly on my lap.  As it is wood, it is heavy enough so it doesn't slide around during those tense Space Dungeon moments where I die and cough up several collected treasures.







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Yeah, that's pretty slick; the holder provided only seems to work for me if I use my thumbs to move the sticks, which takes a lot more practice. Thanks for posting!


 Yes, AFAIK, the rhymes end at level 11; I know they did on the arcade cabinet... I think I got to level 19 or something.

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On 5/18/2022 at 12:59 PM, fred said:

I never got past level one with all the treasure. Any tips besides "don't suck"?

I'm not sure if this carries over the 5200 port...in the arcade version to achieve a really big score is to visit ALL the rooms and make the treasury a secondary option.

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Space Dungeon was one of my favorite 5200 games as a teenager.  SO great to get in the zone and go about cleaning house.  To this day, I like to carefully work my way through the entire grid killing and stealing everything for maximum points at the cash out.  This only works on the first two, though, as the number of enemies being poured at me is too high from level three forward.  I don't think I've ever made it through level five.   Are you heavy hitters just sprinting for the exit on the higher levels?


I never saw Space Dungeon in the arcades despite being a Golden Age kid/teen.  I'm definitely planning on prototyping at least one Super Twin 52 when that controller comes online so that I can play it the way it was meant to be played on the 5200. 

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