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AtariProtos Updates


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I've made a few major updates to my website over the past month. 


The first update is review of over 30 prototypes that came from the collection of a former reviewer for a newspaper.  Most of these protos were the same as the final version, but some had minor differences.  The most interesting part of this lot was that there were some 7800 protos which had some minor (very minor) differences.  Special thanks to Frank "Redeye" Cifaldi for sending these roms to me.


The second update is actually something I've been meaning to do for a long time.  As some of you are aware a video of the Atari Q2 1983 In-House Promo was found many years ago.  This video shows several 2600 and 5200 games that were in development at the time, several of which were unreleased.  The interesting part is that many of the games are in early stages of development, showing many many differences.  Some of them are so early that they probably were never burned onto EPROMs so this video is the only way we'll ever see them (you can even watch one being loaded from a Mainframe in the beginning of the video).  I've analyzed the video and attempted to document all the differences I saw and made pages about them.  Xevious and Sport Goofy were the two most interesting ones, but there's also a tech demo for an unknown 5200 game that is briefly shown in the video too. 


So if you have some time to kill, please check these updates out: http://www.atariprotos.com/


You can see the video on youtube here:



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6 minutes ago, Thomas Jentzsch said:

Nice! :thumbsup: 


The C3 and F0 in Krull could be hexadecimal debug output as well. The Xevious graphics look more like placeholders in a quite early demo.

Yes I thought the same thing.  I'll update that.


Xevious is definitely a very early demo.  I love how you can see it being loaded up from the mainframe to the terminal at the beginning of the video

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29 minutes ago, Rom Hunter said:


Is the early Astro Chase already dumped?


No not yet.  I put the owner in touch with someone who can dump it, but they seem to have disappeared.  I hope they come back.

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