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Court Pooper (Demo)


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Updated 6-17-2022


Note:  If you don't like stuff with toilet humor, then I'd suggest looking elsewhere.


By poop-ular demand, that's right, both of you, I've decided to make a sequel
to the Roof Pooper game.  This time it's based on a well-known trial that by
the time you read this, it's still going on, or has been adjourned.

STORT- You're Anita Smelled and you've just gone through a divorce with
film star, Jimmy Dump.  Now he wants to sue you for all the bad things you've
said about him.  You've had enough of his tyranny and one of the things
you've done was to poo on his bed to get revenge.

But now, you've decided to go to war with Dump by poo-ing on his lawyer
team, witnesses and fans.  And quite possibly Johnny Dump himself running
across the screen. 

Court Pooper has two modes:  "Standard" and "Tournament."  "Standard" is
reaching high score with up to 3 lives...   (in the demo it's up to 50,000 points)
going through three settings:  the bedroom, mansion (or home or whatever it
is) and finally, the courtroom.  Each will cycle through several times as usually
the court will take "field trips."

"Tournament" is only one life.  Hit a judge and the game ends.  

There is, however, a way you can poop on the judges for extra points.  An
icon with "JP" or "judge pooper" will temporarily change the judges into blue.  
Then you can safely poop on them but beware, they will change back shortly.

Both modes have the "judge pooper" icon.

If you manage to score 20,000 points, and have up to two "gavels," one will
be taken away.  

Court Pooper also has high score.


















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Big update.  (The latest file is located at the first post.)  Trying out the previous demo version on Bupsystem emulator, it would crash.  Also, for some reason, it doesn't like the high scoring code so I had to leave that out.  Other issues that were fixed such as resetting the number of gavels back to three if the player ended a "Tournament" games and started a "Standard" one.  Also removed not-so-pleasant sounds, fixed the power-up not changing the judges blue and repositioned some of the other characters.  The demo still ends at 50,000 points.    This also has been corrected for the full version.  

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On 5/24/2022 at 3:15 PM, frankodragon said:

I found a few issues that will be corrected in the full game.  After that I'm sure you'll be flushed with excrement. 

This really should be put on a few runs of cartridges so that it can be dumped.  Of course, the process will be have to be fully-logged so that we'll have images floating around from anyone who wants to make them.

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