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HARD AT WORK - I've been working on putting together a couple of new retro-gaming series


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ColecoVision EXTRA!




.....and The Atari 5200 SuperReport!!!




What do you guys think of my artwork, I created them using images I stole from Google using Windows Movie Maker on my Windows 7 Pro laptop as well as HP Image Zone software on my Windows XP Pro laptop in order to crop the screen to a proper 16:9 format for the big screen in which I will be seated next to for the openings of each episode!!!


These two series will air soon on the Ray Jackson YouTube Channel!!!



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4 minutes ago, GoldLeader said:

(Heh)   Jus kidding!


Those look pretty good.  :lol:


Hey thanks!!! ....and yes I will be making each episode no more then 7 minutes (plus the hit the 'subscribe' button BS that is on all 3 channels, just me in a different shirt promoting the other 2 channels on each). I also have been receiving great advice from @Gunther about going by a script for the in-game narration and on my on-camera wardrobe as well. It's done in the same vein as The Atari Report but much more streamlined and with scripts instead of having to free-wheel it every episode.

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3 minutes ago, Stephen said:

Looks cool - I'll definitely check out the Colecovision stuff, I know very little about that console's games.

Same with me, even though it's my 2nd ColecoVision unit (the first was acquired in the early 90s in a thrift store find back when our systems went for dirt cheap, boy I miss those days when even 2600 units could be had for a mere $10-20 each easily, sometimes less) it's really my first venture into that unit's homebrew community and a deeper dig into that unit's library so it'll be interesting as to what original game she has as opposed to the many similar versions of Atari games. Coleco is a totally different animal than we are.


There are just as many games for her (more than 400 titles) as there are for Big Sexy, many if them not on any other system, even Atari. That's why I got one to go with my 5200.

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Been working on some mixloops to go along with my voiceover for each title screen, one was done months ago, that one for "ColecoVision EXTRA!", in which I incorporated a mixloop derived from a sample taken off of Pink Floyd's "On The Run" from 1973's "The Dark Side Of The Moon". I have also already finished putting together the one that will be used for "The Atari 5200 SuperReport", that being derived from a sample taken off of Fluke's "Amp" from their 1997 album "Risotto".


I just have to upload the mixloop of "Amp" onto my laptop and finish the voiceovers on the Atari 5200 SuperReport as well as put in the proper time for when "with Ray Jackson" appears on the screen on it (I have my project saved on Windows Movie Maker so I can edit it to that desired point) and then I can get myself cleaned up and dressed up later on this week and cut some episodes of both :)  


Also here is the opening title sequence for "ColecoVision EXTRA!"


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Here are a couple of photoshots of my new arcade setup I utitlize the built-in closets in my apartment differently by using them as alcoves, one hosts my home office, that being where I am at right now posting this up, and the other one holds my home arcade, with my Atari 5200 and ColecoVision hooked up to both my RF-to-HDMI converter and my HD CapturePro (I own two of them and plan to get a third for my laptop's HDMI output) I use to record in-game footage for The Atari Report/Atari 5200 SuperReport/ColecoVision EXTRA!/etc.


One with the "ColecoVision EXTRA!" screen:




...and one with The "Atari 5200 SuperReport" screen:




I promise you guys that once we start filming and add in the stage lights to offset any existing shadows the set will look even better, but for now this is what my home arcade (in my gaming area, with my dartboard and mini hoop, both swap-able, more detailed shots in the short future) looks like here in my apartment.

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Clean well organized space.  I tell you - something I've recently noticed, is just how much I take modern wireless controllers for granted!  I just hooked up my 2600 in my office, and had to use an external tuner since mu 2600 is not UAV modded.  Wires everywhere.  Power for the tuner, power for the 2600, joystick cables keeping me tethered to the 2600, etc.  Then when I want to play the Jaguar - disconnect the 2600, and swap more cables, power lines, and wired controllers for it.

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