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twerps.gif.70f0b310dd224a1cd2e9db4a24080930.gifTwerpsshadow_world.gif.f2022863add4093bb69f30768489126a.gifShadow World

Twerps - Not HSC played before and I don't know it, but looking forward to it esp as it's 8.0 rated on atarimania! [Option] = pause / resume




Shadow World - played before, good game 7.6 rating on the 'mania, but think it ends or gets impossible fairly soon... we played it a while back. Super fun game for 2 players simultaneous, you start off cooperating then "accidentally" blow each other up. Bonus points for anyone roping in a frienemy 8)


Roughly: Be agressive and fly close to the orby things keeping the laser firing and pop them before they land; otherwise fly low and collect the shiny thingy from the water and fly over their spout hole and drop it on them to seal them off! Lovely job!


[Space] teleports you back to your base safely!


Note: OSB required - post if you need help




Round NOW provisionally ends FRIDAY 10TH th June ??pm UK time



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16 hours ago, carlsson said:

Hm. It sounds like those of us playing on real hardware should prepare a tripod that is filming the game and then extract frames if we want screenshots at all since we don't have shortcut buttons on the Atari to take a snapshot.

For games like this I try to make sure I have a pen and paper handy too :)


It's funny that we're starting Twerps as I just heard Rob of Player/Missile podcast fame say he wasn't sure if Twerps was ported to the Atari (Episode 25:  I somehow never listened to this podcast until recently, so I've been 'catching up')

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Yeah, jotting down the score is easy enough. I know that screenshots are highly optional but it can be fun to verify your meager scores that way. I can have oversight with 40 year old games that immediately go to the start screen and doesn't save high score, but unfortunately some developers even in the 21th century still do this.

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Twerps - 1490 after first attempt. 

Shadow World - 123100 - I know this one very well as I used to play it a lot. Unfortunately, at least on Altirra, Wave 9 is barely playable as the whole game (including your ship and gun) slows down to the point where it is impossible to shoot down Crystal Pods. I don't know if this is an issue on a real Atari, since I don't have one... yet. :) Anyway, Wave 9 was my last.

Shadow World.PNG

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Adding score from Shadow World
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Twerps - 647 pts.


While it immediately moves to the starting screen, I found that if you start a new game and don't shoot anything, the previous score remains on the display. Thus you have all the time in the world to take a screenshot immediately after a good game.


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Twerps:  1252

Shadow World: 52600


Both are games I definitely played as a teen.  Can't say I'm particularly skilled at either but I like both of them.

BTW:  The version of Shadow World I'm using does not require OSB - I played it under the 1200XL Rev 10 as well as Ape Warp+ OS on my 1200XL just fine.  Maybe it's been tweaked for XL?  I'll include it here 

Shadow World.jpg

Shadow World.xex

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