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Windows 10 Device Manager Showing Problem?

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Greetings I picked up an Atari VCS 800 Onyx and was able to install windows but I wanted to ask you all a question.


I have not downloaded any drivers for it but when I look in the Device Manager I see a few items that did not have drivers.




Other devices

   -- Multimedia Controller

   -- PCI Device


Has anyone else seen this or is this happening to anyone else?


Is there a recommended AMD driver package that you all have downloaded to resolve this and works well with the VCS and Windows 10?


If everyone is using a certain download package it would be great to get a link to it.


My sound and graphics look ok but it has been my experience that if you have items in "Other Devices" Windows sees hardware that it does not have a driver for.


I ran Windows update but this has not resolved these issues.


Thank you all for any assistance!

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I got it figured out, all you all have to do is go to..




Then download the AMD Auto Detect Tool.


Super easy and works great.


Anyone who needs the drivers for their Windows install can do this and all of the devices that were not installed by Windows will install and it works great!



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