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Asteroids type of game for PC - WIP. Wanna test?

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I started playing around with one of the newer Gamemakers a bit, mostly playing with the kids (re-learning GML while letting them gets some “hands on” with how code, graphics, and sound all come together to make a game ) and put together something that I feel is shaping up to be pretty neat.


It’s basically Asteroids with a time crunch and a focus on movement where the player tries to squeeze out the high score in a quick-play environment.  Nothing that's gonna change the gaming world as we know it, but seems pretty fun so far, so I think I’m gonna polish it up a bit to finish and post it as a freebie somewhere


So if anyone would like to check out the WIP, any feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated!



If interested, here’s the link and info –



Asteroids Rescue Game



It’s a rescue operation in an Asteroid field. 


  • Navigate an Asteroid field, salvage equipment and rescue crew.
  • Equipment (showing as just point values for now) will remain until you pick it up, but Crew members will die after a few seconds, so you need to hurry.
  • Clearing all asteroids quickly will award extra points.  An alarm sounds to warn you of “more asteroids,” so they’ll add up quickly and make things a bit overwhelming if you’re not blasting them to keep things clear.
  • After approx. 6 mins, a long alarm will sound and the whole place will blow, ending your run.  If you survive until that event, you’re awarded extra points for each life remaining.   
  • If you survive until the end AND don’t let any Crew die, a huge bonus is added to the score.  This is intended to be the real challenge for anyone wanting to master the game and shoot for the really high scores.



That’s pretty much it.  It’s simple.  It’s quick (a run should take about 6.5 mins at most).  There may be a thousand out there just like it, but I’ve not seen one with the time urgency and focus on movement, so I dunno, seems alright to me.



Things planned to fix:

Sound Effects – I’m not completely happy with the sounds at this point, so I need to spend a bit of time making sounds that all feel “together,” level adjustments and such. 
Music – the 2 songs included were pilfered from the internet as placeholders, so need to figure that part out to find 2 originals that fit the themes – 1 is a bit serious, implying high stakes, and the other is a bit more upbeat and “fun” sounding.
Gamepad support – I’ve been using JoyToKey to use my gamepad while playing, so that wasn’t a priority, but I think I’ll add it at some point.


Also, I have no idea what requirements this thing has.  I haven’t optimized or tested on anything yet, other than my Win 10 desktop.  It may look similar to a 40 year old game, but built on an engine that’ll hog a lot more resources.  So if anyone happens to have a “it does/does not run on my <system here> … “ type of info, please share.

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