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Is a stock Falcon (or TT) fast enough to 100% emulate the Atari 8-bit?

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This should be your settings in the 'Hatari Screen' settings...




And you should also uncheck the Show Borders option in 'Atari Screen' unless you're running a game or demo that uses overscan.


There's still pillarboxing on the sides but with the borders turned off, you'll maximize the ST screen.


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On 6/4/2022 at 11:03 PM, Xebec said:

Thanks! And cool video!  This is kind of what I figured ( and it's technically more appropriate for the Amiga to emulate the A8 anyway :))





Cycle exact emulation of any 8bit with complex custom chips is going to be tricky on 16bit hardware. The lowest spec PC I ever got to run C64 games 'acceptably' was using a 100mhz 586 and the DOS emulator C64S (who also wrote SIDplay for Amiga before that). Doubt you could emulate a 1977 Atari VCS on a 1992 Amiga 1200. Emulation was really the only nice thing about having a 133mhz Pentium in 1995.


The Amiga 1985-1994 could emulate Acorn BBC BASIC and some machine code instructions embedded into BASIC but not a full BBC Micro for running commercial games IIRC.

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