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Harmony Cart just plain ain't workin!!!


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Calling all cars . . . calling all cars . . . we have a Harmony Cart, with it's many precious games, out of action . . . calling all cars. Yep, at this point it's an EMERGENCY. I put up a post before and someone suggested that it's my console that was the issue, so I took it all apart and meticulously cleaned it as per videos. One good thing from doing this was that many of my carts that didn't work before now work clear as day, but, not the Harmony!!! So I am seriously wondering where to turn. I formatted two seperate sd cards with all the latest software and its still just a jiggle of squiggly lines. While I must note that it has been good to play all the old carts again, we are really missing the games and hacks of Harmony legend - so could someone please direct me to who makes these so I can discuss this? SOS SOS SOS thanks for responding. 

                                                                                                                                                                Signed, Desperate

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10 hours ago, alex_79 said:

Did the Harmony work before, or it's new and never worked?

Did you try reflashing the bios? It might get corrupted sometimes (e.g. if you turn the console off while a game is loading).

Re-flashing the bios would be a good second option.

I would start with a fresh sd card.

Like a NEW sd card - format - then put the system files on it ( or what it needs, I don't remember) and then copy your rom files over.

I have had SD cards on multiple flash get corrupted. I am now in the habit of ejecting sd cards from the PC every-time, just to reduce the chance of them getting bad.

Also, make sure use what sd card specs are recommended too. Like size and brands.


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39 minutes ago, H454 said:

I am now in the habit of ejecting sd cards from the PC every-time, just to reduce the chance of them getting bad.

Yes, you should do that for every removable media.


A simple test is to try the Harmony without the SD card: if it displays an error message ("Initialization Error! Press fire to continue"), then the bios is likely fine and the issue might be the SD card.

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To add to this, I bought a second Heavy Sixer that was pre-modded.  The A/V cable that was shipped with it was faulty, but I swapped that and it was working fine with Beserk and Space invaders carts that came with the bundle.  But then I put in my Uno cart and got a blank screen.  So then I bought a Harmony Encore, and got the same thing!  Both of these carts work on my non-modded Heavy Sixer.  So maybe this is why you're getting a blank screen?  Some strange mod that makes it incompatible?


Actually almost seems like the cart slots are different sizes on the two systems I have, as the unmodded system lets the cart slide in just fine, whereas the other does not seem to accept the cart as easily with the case on.  I did pop the Uno open and directly inserted it with the same results.


@ryebird Is your console modded with composite output at all?

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