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Nyko Charge Station - Any way to identify these batteries?

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I have a Nyko Wii Charge Station that needs replacement rechargeable batteries. I managed to cut open the enclosure to remove the batteries, but there are no markings on the batteries themselves. The enclosure has Battery Packs 87000-A50-0107 on them. Same width, but shorter than a standard AA battery, and no nubs on the top of the batteries. Also, if I do find replacement rechargeables, what's the best way to solder that piece of metal between them (marked BL 175 720A, see pics)? I've attempted something similar with other batteries (coin type, CR2032) at one time and one of the batteries blew up during the soldering process.




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If I had to guess - 4/5 AA. It's listed as 43mm tall.

Check the height, but these are probably it:



Also, the spot welded connector on the org. batt pack has printing on it. SL175 720A


Looks like a fuse. You would reuse the old one or buy another.

Something like these:



NOTE - That top link is just an "educated" guess. I can't find a direct cross number for whats on the strap.


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Yes, I feel going to a Batteries Plus store might have made things easier as far as the tabs are concerned (I have one a few miles away which I will use next time if needed). The batteries linked above were the correct batteries, but try as I might, I just could not solder those tabs onto the batteries. It's a very tight fit in the enclosure though, so I soldered a ball of solder on each end of the tabs. When I put the enclosures back together, the ends of the tabs were thick enough to make very tight contact with the batteries. I then used Crazy Glue Gel to seal them back up again. I had to cut the enclosures open with a razor blade to open them and remove the old batteries. I reused the original tabs, the pulled off easy enough. Sure, I would have preferred to solder them on, but even though I roughed up the battery ends, I could not get the solder to stick. And the longer I tried, the hotter the batteries would get. I feared they might explode if I pressed my luck. I practiced on the old batteries first, and after roughing up their ends, I had no problem soldering to those oddly enough.

EDIT: One unfortunate thing I noticed though is I don't think all these batteries are created equal. They are relatively cheap rechargeables after all ($7.49 for 8 batteries). I noticed that one of the batteries are getting warmer during charging than the rest. I believe that means it's being over charged. The others are fine, don't notice any heat. It's not super hot or anything, and they are working well in the WiiMote, but I think one of the 4 batteries I used is not quite as good as the others. I didn't notice this until after I sealed the cases up with Crazy Glue though, but I'll keep an eye on them. I might have to eventually reopen one of the enclosures to replace that battery if it doesn't hold a long enough charge.




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