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Rampage Atari 7800 prototype

THE AtariGuy

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I’ve never seen an Atari 7800 Activision proto, but for what it’s worth, that cart shell is an Atari case and that circuit board is an Atari production board. Nothing special about either one.


It looks to me like someone got a regular production release cart, desoldered the chips, soldered in sockets, and a bunch of cross cross jumper wires so it would work with an eprom. (a 27c1000 at that)


Short version, buyer beware.
Looks fake as hell to me.

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On 6/9/2022 at 2:08 PM, Supergun said:

Looks fake as hell to me.

On the contrary, that looks like a 100% legit proto to me (I've never seen a 7800 Activision proto, but I've seen a few late era 2600 ones).  But I'm going to guess that it's the exact same as the final version from the date and screenshots. 

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