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Mac Plus (MiSTer) Game Suggestions?

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I've been playing with MiSTer and I'm trying hard to love mac plus/se. It's been a couple nights now, and fun has been sparse.


So far I've come across a mix of games where the most familiar ones generally look/play better on amiga/st/ibmpc --hell, even apple II gives it a real run from my memories (though it's been a while). What's good on early mac?  


I will say I found an excellent Star Wars game--kind of a mouse-based clone of the atari arcade game that plays to the display's strengths.  It seems legitimately good at wireframe 3d. Nice.  

(it'd REALLY help if the only youtube vid I can find wasn't directly comparing it to the arcade, but it honestly is super-fun, I swear :D )



  • It seems like the games are generally keyboard/mouse driven, are there joysticks?
  • Was this mainly a spreadsheet/word processor? What was it mainly used for? Specs are awesome, but it's not so great at 'usual mac things' like sound, photos, videos. Maybe drafting?
  • and game-wise it seems to really lean into the system's mouse in a way other machines of the era didn't.
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I had a bit of time to get my thoughts about Macintosh Star Wars on video--it's still my favorite so far by a good margin.

But it was a 1988 game, so by then, it'd kind of better be good.



On 6/10/2022 at 7:09 PM, MrMaddog said:

Just check out Macintosh Garden...


It seems at least a couple mac websites go by that, as well as a large number of collections on archive.org.

None of them really seem to weed out the bad games. Heck the Mac best-of lists don't seem to do great at that either, leaving me with the impression that despite some nice specs, Ye Olde Mac isn't all that great for gaming. There has to be more gems burried in this library somewhere.  


Grand Prix Circuit was decent fun, and seems to hold up okay against its msdos counterpart (minus the color). 

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