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[WIP] Rift

Fort Apocalypse

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Playing with graphics some. Just allows you to fly in your vehicle around the rift currently.

Based on @Karl G's example for displaying different color per scanline:



I tweaked it to:

  • make multiple colors per scanline to display a rift
  • include a drawscreen to allow player display


It's in serious need of timing help, if it's even possible to fix, which I haven't spent enough time with it to figure out.


If anyone has any suggestions for how to fix the timing (if it's a problem), please let me know.





rift_0.1.bas.bin rift_0.1.bas

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Initial release

The screenshot wouldn't include the spaceship even with phosphor on at 30%, so you'll have to imagine it's there.



rift_0.1.bas.bin rift_0.1.bas

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10 minutes ago, Karl G said:

My example was to show how one could bypass drawscreen and do a custom display kernel written in bB. It can't be used with drawscreen which instead runs the bB display kernel. The two can't be combined for a stable result.

Yeah, I was trying was to alternate between that custom display and drawscreen. In Stella in developer mode with phosphor off, it displays the screen, and I changed the color over the score area, but I don't know what it would look like on various T.V.s; it's not flipping though- it just may not display for everyone?

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