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Using the ST to program for the Jaguar

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36 minutes ago, ColecoGamer said:

I remember reading somewhere (I believe it was here on Atari Age) that game developers used Atari ST computers to develop games for the Jaguar.


What were these tools and are they still available today? 

They're the same as the PC tools, just compiled for the ST. You can find them here:


2 minutes ago, Leonard Smith said:

I thought they used Amigas.
Or was that for the Lynx?

That was the Lynx, indeed (as the designers of the Lynx also designed the Amiga).

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Yeah, Atari did use TT's for Jag development.  It was also possible to use plain ST's since I saw someone at a gaming convention use it to make Gorf 2000.


Later on SNASM had support for cross-assembling Jag code since many game developers in the 90's were more comfortable using PC's.


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1 hour ago, dilinger said:

The "official" platform was a Falcon, not a TT.

there is "offical" and "offical". When I finished the game off at Atari Sunnyvale they provided me with a TT. At Imagitec  we had 2 falcons. Freddy used one to program Raiden and the other was used to do the Falcon version of Dinodudes which left me with a TT to carry on Jag Dinodudes.

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