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Gamepad virtual keyboard on RetroArch atari800 core (WiiU)


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   Is it possible to have a virtual keyboard on the atari800 emulator on the GamePad, running under RetroArch (on a softmodded WiiU). I saw a comment on a WiiU video on YouTube (ages ago) that this was possible, but didn't follow up with the question of how to do this. I assume it's a configuration file setting, if it's even possible, as there is nothing in atari800's UI to do this. I'm running atari800 3.1.0 (b59fb7e), which is the latest version in the WiiU RetroArch (AFAIK).


   I think I can plug in a USB keyboard to the WiiU, but having a virtual keyboard, as used by most tablets, would be a bit easier.


   Anyone know anything further? TIA!

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