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It appears the store doesn't ship to North Macedonia

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I wanted to pick up some new Atari 2600 games but it seems the store doesn't ship to North Macedonia. I buy games from all over the world, from the UK to Japan, US stores and European ones like France and Germany and rarely have problems, I never use express services just regular tracked mail and it's fine. 

When there are issues with my packages they always 100% of the time come from the US, I don't know where AtariAge ships from, but if it is from the US do you guys know of any alternative stores in Europe that sell the same games and ship worldwide? Because even if you did add support for North Macedonia I'd rather buy from a European store for safety reasons.


Though I do often buy games from LimitedRunGames who ship from the US, they use DHL eCommerce now which isn't the expensive DHL Express, but a regular and so far rather stable service.

Prior to DHL eCommerce they used Ascendia. Ascendia was fantastic for years but they started having problems with packages so LRG had to switch.


Usually tracked shipping from the US to Macedonia doesn't exceed $15-$16


So do you guys think you can add North Macedonia to your list of supported countries? Also if you do ship from the US would you happen to know a good European alternative that sells the same new Atari 2600 titles?



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