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New Atari MIDI System Disk Creator Update for June 27 2022

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Hi all: 


Sorry about the many releases of my MIDI System Disk Creator , every one of them has failed because of the conversion of long file names to short file names in dir2atr. 

This version should supersede all other other versions, as I have used Total Commander at the source to fist create the sort file names (8+3). I will be testing this version but I wanted the short file names to go out for Atari ST users, the MIDI files are all good, its just dir2atr that screws everything up in the process of converting long filenames to 8+3 filenames, it would make sense to shorten them first before running dir2atr then there could possibly be good MIDI files, remember I am copying in excess of 800 MIDI files, so there is bound to be bad midi files but not every second one !


For those of you who do not have MIDI on your Atari system, Steem works good with Big Boss 3.0 and Altirra works good with midplay.com.


Note that there will still be daily updates once I add new MIDI files to the collection.



Download coming added a repair disk option to the batch files, removes all sub-directories and starts the disk new without removing main program structure, should save time on reuploading new atrs, you just need to run the two repair.bat files and it will clean up a bad disk for you.

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Here is the updated file that I did not attach yet, with the repair batch files that will remove all sub-directories from disks 1 and 2 whether they be test or master disks, you just copy the repair1.bat or repair2.bat depending on whether its disk 1 or 2, to startup.bat on the appropriate disk, then run the atr, it will do its work then reset everything to new condition, a feature that I should have put in a long time ago. This is needed if the Fujinet hickups and makes a mistake.


Atari Midi Disk Creator Updated For June 27 2022.zip




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