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Namco Officially Killed Ms.Pac-Man on Pac-Man World Re-Pac.

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They already replaced Ms. Pac-Man with a younger trophy wife version who was introduced (named Pac-Marie *) when Bandai-Namco had their Pac-Man pop up shop, now she's called "Pac-Mom".  Check out this "new" version of Pac-Land...




Namco would rather retcon Ms. Pac-Man out of existance instead of paying any royalties to AtGames, who are now stuck with a useless IP they can't release (due to the Pac-Man name in Ms. Pac-Man).


Talk about a messy legal divorce!

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* Ok, so according to Pac-Man Wiki Pac-Marie 'is' Ms. Pac-Man but with a different name & look to avoid AtGame's trademark. This gets more weirder...
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Interestingly enough, the character Ms. Pac-Man is still in Pac-Man Museum, which was just released.  I assume Namco forgot about it...


She's in the credits sequence for the "console" (PSP) version of Pac-Man Arrangement.




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