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Core grafx mini issue

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Hi guys..... 


I've just got a core grafx mini... 


There is a problem... It works.... But it randomly cuts off the image and displays a grey screen...no sound or game image 


The only trouble shoot step I've tried is to put the hdmi cable in another port.. But I'm still getting the same issue... 


Any ideas... 


Thank you. 

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USB power adapter? Use one with a higher output. Quite common for USB powered things like this to have random issues due to not quite enough power. Some are only 1A 5V, look round your house for one that's higher, 2A probably enough

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I would have thought that would be enough. Have you tried the second port on the plug adapter or do you have another one to try, phone charger one with the same usb plug? If not then maybe it is faulty and needs a return/replacement. I think some of them have issues with the USB ports. Mine has been ok

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Guys... So grateful for input. 


Have played the core grafx mini for the last couple of hours with no issues using my phone USB. 


The USB plug I bought which only had one working input out of 2 is not even holding charge on my phone. 


Hopefully it points to the direction of a faulty USB plug and not the console. 



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21 minutes ago, Tanooki said:

Surely it is, if it's 1/2 dead and fails to trickle feed a phone, there's no way that would get that system working.  As long as its damage didn't cause damage you're fine.


Hi good man... 


You might be the man to ask as you always know ur games... 


Are there any other minis u would recommend.. 


I'm covered for snes /sfc and mega drive as I have a switch and original hardware and a crt. 


I wouldn't mind trying the amiga... But I've done no research as of yet... 

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Yeah I do try and keep up.


Of what is out there right now, sure, the Neo-Geo Mini International version would be a smart pick up(and/or the Japanese one as it's largely just fighting games while the other has variety and Metal Slug 1-5.)  Another when it arrives would be that mega drive mini 2, 50+ games and a good chunk are SegaCD which you may not have that costly drive for on your megadrive (and the games are ugly expensive unless you burn those.)  Since I'm suggesting that I'd also look into the original Sega Astro City mini cab, it like the NGM are equally tabletop players but also TV since they have mini-HDMI to HDMI ports and quality controllers sold for them to play that way.


Beyond that, you said you're covered on SNES/SFC, so I guess maybe a console+sd2snes for you? (Or a hacked Switch.)  But the old NES Classic Edition I'd call a must, idiot proof as far as hacking it, could throw the NES/FC library largely on there which would be fun.


Playstation Mini I'd suggest as a possibility but only if you're willing to correct the incredibly blundered setup Sony left on it as they didn't properly setup their own licensed emulator within so a lot of the games just run in the wrong format PAL vs NTSC or have other issues with speed etc.  The game library also they got rightly mocked for, so many obvious choices left out and other turds or mediocre bits from studios that could have chosen better.  So that's really optional fixing the emulator settings if not outright putting a better selection of games into the system entirely.  Left stock I'd ignore it.


I'm not really all that aware of the amiga one, kind of forgot it existed, so I looked and the game list is fairly good though enough of them have other console/computer ports so maybe it's more an acquired taste/need of a real Amiga fan than something to just dabble in since it's over $120-140 to get one too.  And along that the only other one I remember people seeming to actually like, though it was very much fan based because of what it is, there's the Commodore 64 mini.  It has a good sized list of quality games from it and a decent joystick, but that's about it, no keyboard without going USB and finding one that works so you'll get stuck on a virtual one.  So again, like the Amiga, totally a niche fan thing to the actual device, not bad...just not easily fun or enticing as the non-computer based ones.

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