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SNES Clones are reaching perfection

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Some days ago I made this thread about NES clones, some of the things I said there also apply to the SNES:

Now, if you are looking for a clone system that's not based on FPGA but has almost the same quality SNES clones are definitively the ones to go(at least the recent ones). I took a look at some videos by people with big SNES collections, and every game seen to have worked other than a regional variant, but the problem was with the game not playing instead of some incompatibility issue, so who knows, maybe it's something could be fixed. Other than that, these clones have their own adapters for NES, Mega Drive and GB Boy Colour (a GBC clone that's 4:3 unfortunately), and if you want the 2-in-1 with the NES seems to be a good option too, maybe not the portable one, because it comes with an extremely big 16:9 display that makes the console bigger than the Switch, and in Japan there are companies releasing DIY SFC kits if you are into those things.

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