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UK Jagfest - Who wants it to return


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Hello all,


I hope you're all well, I've just purchased an Atari Jaguar and it's great to see so much love from the community when I posted an image on Twitter & Facebook so quickly.

I'm currently in the early stages of planning a Retro Gaming Convention/Expo and would like to know if the UK Jaguar community would like to be a part of it, such as UK Jagfest but on a smaller scale and as it's own section at the event. As I can see there is quite alot of interest in the Portland Expo in the US.


 I reached out to ejagfest who are based in Germany and they referred me to someone on Twitter who informed me UK Jagfest is dead however, wondered if this could be resurrected for my very first gaming convention right here in the UK.


Showcasing Atari Jaguars for people to play throughout the weekend and also have the UK/EU (or anyone who wants to travel) community to come along

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Replying to my on comment but it's more of an update


So reached out to the people who ran the Jagfest UK events and there was no interest to currently bring it back in any way shape or form (not even a table/area at a different convention), also reached out to the person from this forum who sells homebrews/ports and waiting to hear back to see if he wants a table at the expo.


So speaking of the expo I am planning, I've decided to have a area there for the website/blog Do The Math so there will be Jaguar there with Doom plus the Centre of Computing History are coming along and normally have a Jag or two showcasing Atari's gaming history.


Website I made for the expo is here

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