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Get your AtariAge Badge for PRGE!

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We're going to make spiffy AtariAge badges once again for this year's PRGE. Complete with a fancy AtariAge lanyard! If you'd like one (and haven't gotten one in the past!), please post in this thread with your name, AtariAge handle, and location (CIty/State, Country, etc.), or alternatively send me a Private Message!  I'll then make sure a badge is waiting for you at the AtariAge booth. You don't have to have all this information on the badge if you just want, for instance, your name or handle displayed.


Here's the badge we've been using for the last two PRGE shows we attended (2018 and 2019), but we may do a new design this year.  If we do, I'll update this post with the new design!




Fire away!



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31 minutes ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

I can't find my previous badge sadly. ? Could you also make one for Tanya?


James O'Brien (ZeroPage Homebrew)

Vancouver, BC Canada


Tanya O'Brien (ZeroPage Homebrew)

Vancouver, BC Canada

Got them, will make sure these are waiting for you at the AtariAge booth.  See you in Portland!  :D



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Two people should go dressed the same, only one with a goatee, and one will be their actual username and the other will be "Evil <username>." Just sayin'. (Preferably TrekMD for the double pun!)


I can't because whoever went as "Evil Cebus" they'd just be confused as to what the difference was.

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On 7/21/2022 at 10:02 PM, sramirez2008 said:

Hmm. Unable to find my badge.  Please make another one for me Al.?



Houston, Texas


16 hours ago, cmart604 said:

Hmmmm. Not 100% sure where my old badges are after my move last year. Might need a new one Al. Thanks


Christian Martin


Vancouver, BC

Will have these waiting at the show!



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2 minutes ago, Rick Reynolds said:

If the badges are going to have a different design, please put me on the list for getting a new one.  If not, I've verified that I still have my older one from 2018...


Rick Reynolds

Pittsburgh, PA

Probably will do a new design this year.  :)  Therefore, anyone with a previous badge, please feel free to get a new one!


I'll have the badge waiting for you at the show!



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